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How To Fast Travel In Spiritfarer

How To Fast Travel In Spiritfarer
Spiritfarer’s open world is a big one, with lots of travel inbetween locations. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Spiritfarer will tell you how to unlock fast travel so you can reach important locations or return to previously visited locations much quicker, without having to travel the entire journey.

The fast travel system in Spiritfarer is somewhat limited. It doesn’t simply allow you to travel to any point from any point. You must first unlock the ability to use Bus Stops and then you can use these Bus Stops to fast travel to any other Bus Stop on your map. You don’t need to visit the Bus Stops to make them usable, you simply just need them revealed on your map by exploring a nearby island or completing an objective.

How To Fast Travel In Spiritfarer

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As you explore through the main story you will continue to find these Bus Stop signs on the map. I didn’t explore any at first but then I noticed this one was lit up. So I went to explore. Here you meet Alex the seal. He tells you about his wonderful Bus Stops that are all his, and not yours, but he’s happy for you to use thme.

From this point forward you can use Fast Travel at Bus Stops to get to other Bus Stop locations anywhere on the map.

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