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How To Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few different animals you can feed and feeding them is part of the game. This guide on How To Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you how you can feed the squirrel and the rabbit so that you can complete the quest associated with feeding both of the animals.

If you want to feed the two animals, there are two different techniques. There is a squirrel and a rabbit, you need to do a certain method before you’re able to feed each animal. The squirrel is simple. Simply approach the animal and press the on-screen prompt, X on PlayStation, and you can select an item to feed the squirrel.

How To Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Rabbit is a little more complicated, but still quite simple. When you approach the Rabbit it will stop and then run away. Simply follow the rabbit. As you follow it, it will continue along its chosen path. Simply continue to follow the rabbit until it stops. You can then feed it an item in the same way you did the squirrel.

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