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How To Figure Out How To Enter The Ruins In Hogwarts Legacy

Near the end of the game there is a puzzle to enter the ruins. This guide on How To Figure Out How To Enter The Ruins In Hogwarts Legacy will tell you what you need to do in order to gain access to the ruins for the quest “A Bird in the Hand”, this is one of the final quests for Poppy.

This is the culmination of a series of quests that you do with Poppy throughout the game. Poppy is a fellow student at Hogwarts and has been very concerned about the safety and wellbeing of Magical Beasts. Throughout her quest line you are rescuing beasts and learning more about the poachers that are plaguing the lands. This stage, to figure out how to enter the ruins, is near the end of Poppy’s quest line in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Figure Out How To Enter The Ruins In Hogwarts Legacy

This is quite a simple puzzle. There are two towers standing on a circle and a door with symbols on it. You need to move the two towers so that the light is in the correct place to open the door. The two towers are easy to distinguish, one is on the outer rim of the circle, the other is on the inner rim of the circle.

The inner rim tower needs to be placed next to the Centaur. There are two circles between the hook icon and what looks like a Japanese style symbol next to the tree. Place the inner tower there.

The outer tower needs to be moved and placed between the symbol that looks like a key and one that looks like a V with an arch on it. Once both towers are placed, make sure they are aligned on the circles, the door will open.

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