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How To Find And Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go

How To Find And Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go
In Pokemon Go you are given a starter Pokemon right when you start the game. Outside of your starter you will have to go find Pokemon and catch them with your Poke Balls. This guide will teach you How To Find And Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go!

How To Find And Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go

In order to find Pokemon you might have to do some walking. Some people get lucky and can find them in their houses or in their yards but that didn’t happen for me. I had to walk about 5 minutes before I ran into my first Pokemon(Rattata). If you can find some rustling grass(looks like leaves coming off the ground), there is a good chance a Pokemon is around there. They might not always be there, reset the app a few times and the Pokemon in that area should pop up eventually. When you find a Pokemon on the radar, click it and that will start the capture process. It’s pretty much the same as when you captured your starter. Toss your Poke Balls at the Pokemon and eventually you will capture it. The rings indicate how hard and how many Poke Balls you will need to catch the Pokemon. Green is easy, Orange is intermediate and Red is hard. Certain items and higher level Poke Balls(Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls) will make Pokemon easier to capture. You can also spin the Poke Ball before you through it to get a Curveball Bonus, which gives you bonus EXP and it seems to help with capturing Pokemon also.

Now you might notice a symbol down in the bottom right corner of the map while you are walking. These are Pokemon near you that you will be able to find. If you click on the picture of a certain Pokemon down there it will have footprints, three is far away and one means it is close by. Clicking a certain Pokemon will bring it up specifically so you can track the footprints of it. These will change based on the time of day, it switches up every hour or so from what I can tell. The further you go from your house or wherever you start the more Pokemon you can find. I live near a lake so I had Slowpoke and Poliwag on my list. If you haven’t figured it out yet you are more likely to find certain Pokemon in certain areas. Water Pokemon like lakes and bug/grass Pokemon prefer woods and fields. We do not recommend going into a Volcano for a fire Pokemon.

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  1. I saw a bulbasaur but when I tapped on it nothing happened and after a little bit it went away.. same thing happened with a pidgey (and I’ve caught pokemon before so idk what happened) T_T

  2. i live in belgium and their are pokemon’s everywhere i now have 36 pokemon’s and my best is raticate cp189 i’m lvl5

  3. I live in Japan. Outside of getting my starter, I haven’t come across anything yet…not even in my apartment.

  4. I live in the boonies in MS and there isn’t even a pokecenter near me. Never lucky. Only pokemon I have seen is pidgey and spearow.

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