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How To Find Diamond & Gems In Kingdom Two Crowns

How To Find Diamond & Gems In Kingdom Two Crowns
Kingdom Two Crowns has a number of resources, such as the Diamond icon. This guide will tell you How To Find Diamond & Gems In Kingdom Two Crowns so you can interact with many of the structures you encounter on your travels, unlock new mounts and upgrade additional buildings.

When you approach certain buildings or interactive objects, a number of icons will appear above it. These icons typically related to a particular resource needed to upgrade or activate. The traditional resource, gold, is marked by small circular icons that you fill by holding down with gold, but then there’s the Diamond or Gem icons.

How To Find Diamond & Gems In Kingdom Two Crowns

When you reach one of the interactive areas that require diamonds, you will see the Diamond shaped icon above the building. Very similar to the image at the top of this article. You will need to fill each Diamond or Gem spot with the appropriate number in order to fulfill the requirements and activate the building.

We’ve not been able to locate any Diamonds or Gems on the first level. You need to build the boat, gather your troops and move to the second area. Once there, check the far left and right of the area, right to the end, and you will find 2-4 chests containing Diamonds or Gems.

You will often find gems in chests from level 2 onwards, chests also respawn after time. There is also a very small chance of receiving gems from the priest/mayor, once you’ve upgraded your camp enough times.

Important note. Diamonds & Gems are not infinite. Spend them wisely.

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