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How To Find Legendary Animals In Red Dead Online

Find Legendary Animals In Red Dead Online
The new Naturalist Frontier Pursuit has you tracking down Legendary Animals. This guide on How To Find Legendary Animals In Red Dead Online provides a few basic tips to speed up the process, and hopefully save you from wasting time and money on methods that haven’t proven very fruitful.

For exact locations, we have a Red Dead Online Legendary Animal Locations Guide, this is more for tips on the process of hunting them down. Once you have unlocked The Naturalist you can speak with Harriet and purchase supplies. You will need the first Legendary Animals map and enough ammunition to take one down, we suggest filling up on ammo as you will get through it quickly. The map provides a general location for the animals, but they are still very tough to track down. Other players are currently all searching for the same thing, so it’s difficult.

How To Find Legendary Animals In Red Dead Online

How To Find Legendary Animals In Red Dead Online
When you are in the area ride around until you see this notification in the top corner. From this point, you need to be very careful. A small golden paw icon will appear on the radar once you are close, the distance is about the full size of the radar window. If you get close, and you are discovered by the creature, it will begin to flee. If it flees, it will disappear and will follow its normal respawn timer as if you had caught it. So far, this appears to be several hours.

Once you have found the Legendary Animal, you’ll want to use the special ammo and hit headshots where possible. If not possible, just shoot enough bullets until another notification pops up. It reads something like “You have successfully sedated the legendary animal”. At this point, stop firing and wait for the animal to pass out. It will collapse on the floor, allowing you to approach and take a sample.

You can purchase Legendary Animal Pheromones but I feel they are a complete waste of time. They cost $20 and merely mark the animal on your minimap, which you can achieve with 4-5 minutes of exploration in each area. They do not spawn or aid with the spawn of Legendary Animals, so I would avoid these.

We’ve found a few Legendary Animals but be warned, it’s a long and very frustrating process. We searched every area, multiple times, and have only found three so far. Whether sedated or escape, we have waited in the area for over an hour, and an in-game day, and have still not seen it respawn.

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