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How To Find Rococo In Hogwarts Legacy

The quest Rescuing Rococo has you… well rescuing Rococo. Check out this guide to find out How To Find Rococo In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can get the quest done and get out of this spot.

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Guide

Rococo can be found here, near the very bottom of the map.

Rococo Location

You will have to fight and then go under the building to find the dungeon. Take the stairs outside of the building down and keep taking them down until you can enter the dungeon below.

For the first room you need to light both the unlight braziers and then set the cubes on the right symbols. Use the spell that the symbol has on it to open the door. Another fight in the next room and a big griffon statue puzzle that is part of another quest.. We have a guide for that here.

Near the big griffon statue there are three other statues. Light the fire of the middle on and then stand in the center of it to move behind the wall. Find the cube and activate it with fire.

Now head to the other side and there are two more cubes Use Accio to get them through the little holes at the top of the bars to get the treasure on the other side. Head up to where the wall eats you and it should be stopped now. If it isn’t start using spells on the floor until it stops moving. I’m not 100% sure which of the two stopped the wall from eating me so do both.

Another fight down below and then you need two more cubes. The first one is easy. Head up the stairs and grab it from across the room. The next one you need to find the hidden wall on the other side of the stairs. The bricks make it obvious, stand by it and wait for it to open. Grab the cube and put it into place. From there you can find Rococo.

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