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How To Find The Biodecryption Key In Gotham Knights (2nd Investigation)

The 2nd investigation in Gotham Knights has you searching a corpse for a Biodecryption Key. This guide on How To Find The Biodecryption Key In Gotham Knights walks you through the second investigation so you can find the proper clues, link them together, complete the investigation, and move on with the story.

As with the previous investigation, there are a number of clues here that you can find by panning the camera around and highlighting each of the different objects around the autopsy table. There are some clues, fingerprints, and some conflicting information on whether or not Langstrom had diabetes as it’s not on his university entry application, but it does appear on his medical bracelet, suggesting that he hid is diabetes from the faculty.

How To Find The Biodecryption Key In Gotham Knights (2nd Investigation)

If you want to solve this investigation you need to find a Biodecryption Key on Langstrom. For this investigation, you need to find the device concealing the key and a sample required to use the biodecryption key. You need to match up the Blood Glucometer with the Blood Samples. This completes the investigation.

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