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How To Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll need fish for lots of recipes and quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide on How To Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you everything you need to know to learn how to fish so you can grab some ingredients for future quests and maybe even sell some fish for cash.

Before you’re able to learn to fish you first need a key item, the fishing rod. Following the main story you will find a broken fishing rod. You will then get a quest with goofy that gives you the opportunity to repair the fishing rod. Once it’s repaired you can the begin to use the fishing rod to fish up some fish.

How To Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s a bit finicky. When you approach a body of water you will see a small circle in the water if there are fish to catch. The first thing you need to do is cast your rod so that it lands inside the circle. You’ll know it’s correct when the lure becomes centered in the circle on the water.

You then need to wait for a small mark to appear on the water and press the X key (PlayStation). You then get a timing mini-game. As the two circles align, press the Pull button shown in the lower left corner (Square on PlayStation). Do this enough times and you will catch a fish.

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