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How To Fish In Lost Ark

Fishing is one of the many different trade skills in Lost Ark. This guide on How To Fish In Lost Ark will tell you how you can start fishing up materials and resources from the various rivers, lakes, and streams in Lost Ark. As with all of the Trade Skills, before you’re able to use fishing, you must first unlock crafting.

Once you have unlocked crafting, you unlock all of the Trade Skills at the same time, you can begin using any of them. You unlock the Trade Skills in Lakebar Village and there is also a Trade Skill Tool Merchant in the village. Speak with him and purchase all of the Trade Skill Tools, one for each Trade Skill, and then equip them via your inventory. You can check the Trade Skills menu (L) to make sure you have a Fishing Rod equipped.

How To Fish In Lost Ark

Where To Fish In Lost Ark
Once you have a Fishing Rod equipped, you need to find a fishing spot. These are clearly marked on the map by a small fishing hook icon, as shown above. Lakebar is the first place you can unlock Trade Skills so it’s a perfect setting to experiment with fishing. Head to the fishing location and walk to the end of the pier.

Make sure you have your Trade Skill bar open. This is the hotbars in the bottom center of the screen. You can press B to switch between your crafting bar and your combat bar. With your crafting bar selected, stand near the end of the pier, and press the corresponding button for the fishing skill. For me, it defaulted to E. Once you press the button you will cast a lure into the water. Wait for the fish to bite, a ! icon appears, and then press the same button you used to cast. This will catch the fish.

  • Before you can fish you need to unlock Trade Skills in the Lakebar Village area
  • Speak with the Trade Skill Tool Merchant in Lakebar Village and purchase and equip a fishing rod
  • You can check the Trade Skill menu (L) to make sure you have a rod equipped
  • Find a fishing spot and open your Trade Skill hot bar with B
  • Use the button assigned to the fishing action near the water
  • When the fish bites a ! icon appears, press the same button again to catch the fish
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