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How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

Flying Mounts Are In The Game

There are many different mounts in Forbidden West, but few top the ability to fly. This guide on How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you everything you need to know to unlock and override the Sunwing, a flying mount that lets you soar through the skies of the Forbidden West.

In both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, you can unlock the ability to override most machines by unlocking data at Cauldrons. Each machine requires its own data. Some data is obtained intact and immediately allows Aloy to access the machine to override, others require you to craft upgrades to the spear as the data is corrupted. The Sunwing however, works a little differently.

How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

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You need to complete the GEMINI Cauldron. The worst part about this aspect of getting a flying mount is that the cauldron is locked behind story progress. You can visit the Cauldron at any point but until you have completed the GEMINI Cauldron doing the main story quests, you won’t be able to enter. Completing the story missions at this location unlocks the Sunwing override. You can then use this data to craft the Sunwing override at your base.

Luckily, there is a Sunwing spawn right near your main base so once you have the ability to Override the Sunwing, you can then use it to fly across the skies and access it like a regular mount.

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