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How To Fly In Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Fly HM no longer exists but you can still learn to fly. This guide on How To Fly In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how to unlock the ability to fly on a Pokemon, an ability that makes exploring every region of the game much faster, easier, and more rewarding. Lots of Pokemon are hidden in hard to reach places.

In the traditional Pokemon games Pokemon can be taught Hidden Machines (HM’s) that allow them to use abilities outside of battle. Flash, Surf, Fly, all have uses in various dungeons and during specific parts of the game. Some functions from the original games, such as surfing on a Pokemon, have returned, but they are no longer taught abilities. Instead you need to find a very specific Pokemon with the ability to be able to use it. The same applies to flying. If you want to fly you will need to find a special Pokemon, Braviary.

How To Fly In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Braviary is not available to catch like the other Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Braviary is a Noble Pokemon and one that is partners with Sabi, a young clairvoyant girl that you encounter late into the game. Once you reach the final map, Alabaster Icelands. you’re well on your way to unlocking the ability to fly.

Unfortunately, it is completely tied to the main story, so it’s not something you can unlock early. I was about 25 hours in when I reached Alabaster Icelands, but I did spend a lot of time completing Requests and Pokedex entries, so you can likely get there much faster if you rush through. The fight before unlocking fly involves a Level 50 Rhyperior and a level 30 Magmortar, as well as a level 30 Electivire.

Once you are at Alabaster Icelands simply follow the main storyline. You cannot miss it, it’s not something you can accidentally skip over. Once you finish the introduction with Sabi, you will unlock Braviary and the ability to fly.

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