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How To Fly Or Glide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Some areas always seem a little out of reach. This guide on How To Fly Or Glide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you what you need to do in order for Koraidon or Miraidon to unlock the power to be able to glide. It’s not as good as flying but it can help you reach a lot of new areas to explore.

For those looking to see if there is actual flight or HM Fly or anything, I’ve not found anything like that yet. However, you are able to Glide. This means, assuming you can start from a high enough location, you can glide to a lot of those hard-to-reach spots containing special Pokemon or hiding special items.

How To Fly Or Glide In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

There are multiple paths you can take in both Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet so the way you unlock different aspects of the game will unlikely be the same as everyone else, it all depends on what you choose to do first. It’s a good idea to focus on the Titans as early as possible as these unlock unique travel powers that Koraidon / Miraidon can use, thus giving you the opportunity to explore areas faster, reach new areas, and catch new Pokemon.

And that’s how you get Glide. You need to take down 3 Titans. It doesn’t matter which Titans you take down or which order, just follow the quest to aid with the gathering of the mythical herbs and you take down Titans at each location. Once you’ve downed your 3rd Titan, you will unlock the ability to Glide.

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