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How To Get A Horse In Elden Ring

Torrent is the celestial steed you get in Elden Ring. Check out this guide to find out how to get a horse in Elden Ring. This way you can travel the big world in style and you will even get to double jump.

How To Get A Mount In Elden Ring

Finding your steed in Elden Ring can be confusing if you miss one simple thing. You need to go to the Site of Grace here on the map. It is in front of the area that leads up to the castle.

How To Get A Horse In Elden Ring 2

When you get to the Site Of Grace, you then need to sit down at the spot as well. This will trigger a cutscene and you will then be able to level up and you will get a ring. Equip the ring on your shortcut menu and then you can use the ring to summon you horse to ride around the world. Some spots you won’t be able to enter or ride into, but those are indicated by blue mist on the floor.

Look out for air currents going upwards as well. Torrent can use those to get to higher areas on the map. Just be careful if you jump back down without the air.

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