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How To Get A Mount In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Normally you’d get a bike in Pokemon, but instead you will get a mount in Pokemon Arceus. Check out this guide to find out how to get a mount in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This way you aren’t running around the whole game world on foot.

How To Get A Mount In Pokemon Arceus

Getting a mount in Pokemon Legends Arceus is actually pretty simple. You will have to go through some story quests until you get to one that talks about facing the Alpha Pokemon. You need to beat or catch that Pokemon and then return to town. You will then be sent out into the forest to go find the Tree Arena. Another trainer waits for you there. Beat them and return back to town.

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Now when you head out of the town next time you will be stopped by a couple of your allies. They will hand you a Pokemon flute and tell you that you can use this to mount a Pokemon. You don’t get to pick the Pokemon, but it also doesn’t take a slot in your party. To use it you press the Plus button and you will be on your mount. From there you can hit B or hold B to speed up and run around the game world. You can still take damage, so be careful.

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