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How To Get A Nuke In Modern Warfare 3

How To Get A Nuke In Modern Warfare 3

When they announced Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lots of questions where asked. One of the bigger ones was will the nuke return? At first glance you would have to say no. This guide will help you get the nuke! Let’s go!

Please note that you need to have the specialist kill streak set unlocked in order to get this. You can pick whatever perks you want but I will suggest some.

Getting to the nuke is no easy task. You will need to rack up 24 kills with this method. Good luck.

Cod MW3 getting the nuke guide 1 – Blind eye – Blind eye is the best choice for your blue. You get it early and it has a good pro to it. Nothing annoys me more then racking up a good kill streak only to have some guy get a strafe run in his care package. Take it and avoid all there kill streaks.

Cod MW3 getting the nuke guide 2 – Hardline – With this you only need one kill to get your first extra perk. Even better is if you play domination grabbing a base will get you an extra perk at the start of the map. The pro version counts two assists as a kill which is a great bonus.

Cod MW3 getting the nuke guide 3 – Stalker – This goes with Blind eye a bit. I really hate walking into a bouncing Betty or a claymore with a high kill streak. You need the pro version for explosives to be delayed but it isn’t hard to get. Moving faster while aiming is nice as well.

Now for what extra perks you should take.

Start with Assassin. Trying to get to 24 kills with a UAV spotting you is very very hard. Make it so if noobs on your team are dying it doesn’t effect you and bring this early.

Next I would go with quick draw. I think aiming faster then your opponent does would give you the upper hand so take that as well.

Last take scavenger. This is not needed but I normally run out of primary ammo by the end of all these kills. The next streak is at 8 and without ammo it might be hard. If you like your secondary a lot take something you think would be more useful.

Once you hit 8 kills you will unlock all the extra perks. Make it to 24 and get the nuke. The nuke will not end the game just kill all enemy players.

That will end the Cod MW3 getting the nuke guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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