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How To Get A Raft In Atlas

How To Get A Raft In Atlas
Wondering how to get your first boat in Atlas so you can go out onto the seas? Check out this guide to find out how to get a raft in Atlas. Now you can leave noob island and set sail to your own private paradise.

How To Level Up In Atlas

In order to get your first raft you will need to collect some resources first. You will need 75 fiber, 20 hides, and 80 woods in order to craft your first raft. When you have all the resources, head into the nearby NPC town near the start of your adventure. At the end of a dock there you will see a sailor you can interact with. Talk to him and he only sells on thing, the raft. If you have all the resources you can exchange them here for the raft. Be warned, the seas are not friendly to the unprepared. If you plan to survive, make sure to bring plenty of fresh water and food or you might end up back in noobie town.

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