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How To Get All 5 Legendary Weapons In Final Fantasy XV

How To Get All 5 Legendary Weapons In Final Fantasy XV
With the exception of the weapons locked away in the hidden dungeons in Final Fantasy XV the legendary weapons are the strongest weapons in the game. This How To Get All 5 Legendary Weapons In Final Fantasy XV will walk you through the process of collecting every legendary weapon from the legendary blacksmith, Randolph.

How To Get All 5 Legendary Weapons In Final Fantasy XV

The ability to wield the legendary weapons is yet another item on the list of awesome things you can do after you complete Final Fantasy XV. As such none of the quests associated with the legendary weapons are available until after you’ve completed the main story. Once you’ve completed Chapter 15 and returned to the open world head to Lestallum, it’s the town in the North West just before The Vesperpool.

You should now find a new NPC here that has a special quest for you, his name is Randolph. Randolph is a legendary blacksmith that will offer you a series of quests, each more challenging than the last and each offering a legendary weapon as a reward. Check the details below for each quest as well as tips on defeating the difficult monsters in your path.

A Legend Is Born – Legendary Weapon Iron Juke

A Legend Is Born - Legendary Weapon Iron Juke
This is the first quest you receive from Randolph and your reward is the Legendary Weapon Iron Juke, a 2-handed sword, and 8,000 experience points. You need to defeat a massive bird, Bennu, which is level 55. You may recognize this big fella from earlier in the story. It’s weak to Thunder spells so bring as many high-level ones as you can. It’s a pretty straight forward fight. When you take him down you’ll get a Jet-Black Beak. Take this back to Randolph for your reward.

Dreadful Legend – Legendary Weapon Dragoon Lance

Dreadful Legend - Legendary Weapon Dragoon Lance
After completing A Legend Is Born you get offered another quest from Randolph, the Dreadful Legend. Your reward for completion this time round is 10,000 experience points and a legendary spear, the Dragoon Lance. This one is located at the Vesperpools so head on over to take down a familiar foe. You need to take down a Malbodoom at level 65. It’s resistant to fire but will take full damage from Blizzard. Utilize rear attacks to maximize damage. I literally just ran around the entire fight to avoid bad breath and killed it with Techniques and magic. I ignored the smaller Malboro. Taking this one down rewards the Malboro Tentacle, return to Randolph for the Dragoon Lance.

A Legend Wrapped In An Enigma – Legendary Weapon Ziedrich

A Legend Wrapped In An Enigma - Legendary Weapon Ziedrich
Following on from Dreadful Legend is the next quest in Randolph’s chain, A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma. You are only able to do this quest at night and it is recommended level of 75. You get 12,000 Experience Points and the Zeidrich legendary shield for completing it. Head to The Fallgrove parking spot to reach your next legendary enemy. You will have to fight 2x Sir Tonberry’s.
These guys do a LOT of damage very quickly. Put on your ring and use Holy (dodge) as much as you can and wait for Ramuh to summon. Repeat the Holy dodging and you should have no problem taking them down. Take the Chef’s Knife back to Randolph for the Ziedrich.

Cursed Legend – Legendary Weapon Soul Saber

Cursed Legend - Legendary Weapon Soul Saber
The fourth quest from Randolph is Cursed Legend. It’s a level 85 quest that rewards 15,000 experience points and legendary weapon Soul Saber. Head to the location and take down Phalaris, he’s level 85 but there’s so much room and it attacks so slow, it’s easier than all of the previous fights. Take him down, grab Resplendent Hollowhorn, and take it back to Randolph to pick up the Soul Saber.

Wondrous Weapon – Legendary Weapon Zwill Crossblades

Wondrous Weapon - Legendary Weapon Zwill Crossblades
The final legendary weapon quest from Randolph is Wondrous Weapon for 20,000 experience points and the Zwill Crossblades. This is one of the highest leveled missions in the game with a recommended level of 99, the boss monster is actually level 120. You need to take down Naglfar. This fight is intense, it was literally just a battle of attrition for me. Make sure you go into the fight with as much fire magic, and the highest you can, as possible. I would bring up to 50 of the main healing items to be safe. It’s a tough one. Take him down and return the Squirming Bone back to Randolph.

Final Fantasy XV Legendary Weapon Gallery

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