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How To Get Barret On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Ah, Barret. Everyone’s accidental first date in the OG FF7. This guide on How To Get Barret On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will tell you everything you need to know to raise Barret’s friendship so he is selected to be your date at the Gold Saucer.

Although each character is unique in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, they all follow the same mechanics in regards to how they are selected to be your date at the Gold Saucer. The game takes into account several key components that, together, add up for a total friendship or Synergy rating with each character. This is measured by a happy face icon above the character in the game world, which you can highlight by pressing L1.

How To Take Barret On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The different elements of the game that reward you with an increase in friendship points, or synergy, are Conversations, Odd Jobs, Synergy Skills, and Story choices. Each section below is explained to help you choose Barret as your date.

At key moments during the game, when the party is with you but not attached to Cloud, when you are exploring Costa Del Sol for example, and the other characters are around enjoying the sights. They will have a dialog icon over their heads. Speaking to them unlocks a conversation bonus for increased friendship. The choices you make in these conversations do not matter. It is the act of actually having the conversation that increases the relationship.

Odd Jobs
Odd jobs within the game refer to side quests, amounting to a total of 36 quests. Every individual side quest is associated with a specific character. By fulfilling the objectives of a side quest linked to a particular character, players can bolster their relationship with that character. Barret’s Odd Job bonuses are as follows:

  • Lifeline In Peril (Grasslands Region)
  • Hustle And Grind (Grasslands Region)
  • When Words Won’t Do (Junon Region)
  • Missing: Mr. Birdie (Corel Region)
  • The Pursuit Of Perfection (Gongaga Region)
  • Escape From Endless Writers Block (Gongaga Region)
  • Lament Of The Damned (Nibel Region)

Synergy Skills & Abilities
Synergy Skills are used in battle after they have been unlocked on the Folio menu. They offer HUGE bonuses to friendship with characters. So, if there is a specific character you want to take on the date, make sure to unlock each of their Synergy abilities and then use them once in combat.

Story Beats
The following are the Story Beats choices for Barret. These are choices that occur during cut-scenes and main events of the story itself, you cannot miss these choices, it only matters the choice you make.

  • Costa Del Sol Beach Choice – When you can either aid Barret or another party member, choose Barret
  • Corel Minecraft Route & Score – Choose Barret’s route and get the highest score during this sequence
  • Corel Prison Buggy Escape – Maximize the score with Barret
  • Loveless – Complete the Loveless event at Gold Saucer
  • Skywheel Date – Take Barret on the Skywheel Date

There are two primary methods to ensure you date the character you want to date. Firstly, just making sure they have the highest friendship. This can be done in two ways. Either you can follow the game naturally, through to Chapter 12, and then try and focus on one character via Synergy abilities and side quests or, you can ignore every side quest and Synergy Ability with all characters apart from the character you want to date. The information above should be everything you need to choose your Gold saucer date.

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