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How To Get Better Tools In Summer In Mara

Summer In Mara Tools Guide
Upgraded tools allows you to plant, harvest, and gather more resources. This How To Get Better Tools In Summer In Mara covers the basics of the original tools as well as upgrading to the metal tools before finally progressing to the top tier of the tools in the game.

How To Get Metal Tools In Summer In Mara

How To Get A Better Hoe
When you reach Qalis focus on the primary quest, Koa’s quests, until you have the Novel and the seashells for the old lady at the lighthouse. Once you speak with her, she will tell you to talk to Caleb about upgrading your hoe. Speak with Caleb and he gives you some Carrot seeds and Lettuce seeds. Grow them on your home island and return with 2 Carrots and 3 Lettuce. You can also harvest them from the gardens on Qalis (more details in our how to get an improved hoe guide)

How To Get A Better Hammer
You need to unlock the Blacksmith Akaji on Qalis. You need to continue with the primary Koa Quests until eventually, the lady at the Lighthouse will tell you that Akaji has returned to town. She sits in the enclosed area just below the Lighthouse, surrounded by a black fence. Do a couple of initial quests for Akaji and she will teach you how to make a Silver Hammer, it requires Copper Ingots that you can buy from Akaji. (more details in our better hammer guide)

How To Get A Better Axe
The Metal Axe recipe is received from Pilly at the market. You must first follow Koa’s Quests until she asks you to repair a radio. Then the Blacksmith will send you to speak with Pilly. After speaking with Pilly you will need to drop a parcel into the ocean. Upon your return she will teach you the recipe (more details in our how to get a metal axe guide)

How To Upgrade Tools In Summer In Mara

How To Upgrade The Hammer
Follow Koa Quests until the old lady at the lighthouse until she sends you to meet an old friend at the Southern most island you can visit. After meeting with the friend, and delivering her salad, speak with her again and she will tell you to speak with Akaji to upgrade your hammer.

How To Upgrade The Axe
The Golden Axe is the highest level axe you can get in the game. It is unlocked following the main story line towards the end of the game. It’s difficult to explain without spoilers but it’s after you help the pirates and begin gathering the Crystalis. It requires 2x Gold Ingot, 1x Strange Metal Bar and 7x Wood.

We’re still working on the final upgrade for some tools, check back soon.

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