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How To Get Better Tools In Valheim

How To Get Better Tools In Valheim
As with all survival games, learning How To Get Better Tools In Valheim is vital for progress. You can unlock Bronze and other metal tools but it’s a lengthy process. This guide on How To Get Better Tools In Valheim will explain every step you must complete in order to unlock better metal tools, weapons, and armor.

This is quite a lengthy progress as tool progression is tied directly to progression made through the game. The first thing you’re going to need to do is defeat the first boss. Once you have defeated the first boss you will have all the materials and resources you need to make a pickaxe. Once the first boss is dead and you’ve got your first pickaxe, there’s a few more steps to follow.

How To Get Better Tools In Valheim

Get Better Tools In Valheim
You need to head to the Black Forest biome. You can see the name of your current biome in the top right of the minimap. There is usually at least a small amount of Black Forest on your starting island, otherwise it’s not all too difficult to find. Then you will need to find two different ore nodes. There’s tin, small shiny rocks, usually near water, that you can harvest with a pickaxe. And then Copper, these are huge rocks with a green tint, as shown above.

Then you need to grab some Surtling Cores and make the Furnace and the Kiln. Once those are built, you can smelt the Copper and Tin to unlock the Forge bench recipe. Make the Forge bench and then you can smith Bronze. Once you smith your first Bronze bar, you unlock all of the Bronze tools.

  • Defeat the first boss
  • Make a pickaxe
  • Find the Black Forest biome
  • Harvest Tin & Copper
  • Find some Surtling Cores
  • Build the Forge
  • You can make Bronze on the Forge
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