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How To Get Contracts In Call Of Duty Warzone

How To Get Contracts In Call Of Duty Warzone
Contracts are a great way of earning tons of cash and rare weapons in Warzone. This guide explains How To Get Contracts In Call Of Duty Warzone as they are a vital aspect of the Warzone and Plunder. Contracts are available in both modes and are squad-wide. This means if you grab a contract, your entire team can complete the objectives and reap the rewards.

Contracts are a brand new feature introduced to Modern Warfare with the Warzone update for Call of Duty. They are available in both Battle Royal modes, and offer much of the same rewards for doing so. Completing Contracts can reward your team with lots of cash to buy Killstreaks with, and also has a chance of dropping some great loot, armor plates, and other useful items.

How To Get Contracts In Call Of Duty Warzone

Contracts are very easy to acquire. They are found all over the map. Using your Tacmap check for three distinct icons. A Magnifying Glass, a Crosshair, and a Flag. These are the three different Contract types currently available in Warzone. They all have different objectives and the rewards differ slightly, but it’s usually always money and some weapons, so each of them are worth doing. Some will alert nearby players of your objective, rewarding them if they interfere but with enough map experience, you can find some quiet spots to farm some Contracts without many problems.

And that’s How To Get Contracts In Call Of Duty Warzone. If you want more details on the types of Contracts, check out our Warzone Contracts Guide.

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