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How To Get David Hasselhoff & “Kit” To Fight With You In Infinite Warfare Zombies

How To Get David Hasselhoff & Kit To Fight With You In Infinite Warfare Zombies
In true Call of Duty fashion Infinite Warfare’s zombie mode is filled with exciting easter eggs and difficult challenges and we’ve got one of the best. Following a list of simple instructions you’re able to get the legendary David Hasselhoff to fight by your side as well as a unique version of his vehicular friend, Kit.

How To Get David Hasselhoff & “Kit” To Fight With You In Infinite Warfare Zombies

It’s quite a simple process. First you need to make sure you construct N31L the robot. When you open the first area walk to the end and you’ll notice N13L’s head a short distance from the portal. From there simply pick up his head and return it to his body, interact with the body to build N31L’s first form.

After that you need to ensure you complete enough objectives to turn N31L’s circle in the top left fully green. Takes about 5-6 missions.


After you’ve built N31L you will need to interact with it.


Stand back and watch the magic unfold.

There is now a new objective with N3IL. Click here to find out where to find the battery to provide auxiliary power.

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