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How To Get Eggs & Breed In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Breeding and obtaining eggs in the game is faster and easier than ever. This guide on How To Get Eggs & Breed In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will tell you of a quick and simple breeding method that will get you egg after egg in just a few minutes of playtime.

As with previous Pokemon games, there are some core rules to follow. Certain Pokemon, such as Legendaries, do not breed, and Pokemon can usually only breed with members of the opposite gender. However, as has long been the trick in Pokemon games, there’s always a Ditto around.

Step 1: Catching A Ditto

So, first step, you need a Ditto. Head to Medali West and there’s a large field here. You can look around for a Ditto but they are very hard to spot as they are always in the form of another Pokemon. Run around using ZL to target the different Pokemon you see. You will be able to spot a Ditto much easier because the name of the Pokemon will not match the species you are looking at. It may take a few minutes but before long, you’ll find a Ditto or two, snag one up.

Step 2: Eating The Right Food

Once you’ve got yourself a Ditto head to this restaurant, also in Medali, and order the food that gives you Egg Power: Level 2. This gives you a big boost to eggs so it makes it much easier and much faster for Pokemon to breed.

Step 3: Stop & Take In The Sights

Step 3 Stop & Take In The Sights
Now, put whatever Pokemon you want to breed in your party alongside Ditto. Then head to any open, flat space outside of town and setup a picnic. Then, all you have to do is wait. You can whistle, throw the ball to your Pokemon, or maybe clean them up a bit. Just wait a few moments and keep checking the Picnic Basket at the end of the picnic table. Before long, you should have several Pokemon eggs ready to go.

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