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How To Get Ethanol Fast In Far Cry New Dawn

How To Get Ethanol Fast In Far Cry New Dawn
Ethanol is vital ingredient when upgrading Prosperity and its facilities. This guide will tell you How To Get Ethanol Fast In Far Cry New Dawn so you can get yourself a couple thousand Ethanol to help get you started and pick up the vital facility upgrades.

There are many different crafting ingredients in Far Cry New Dawn but few are as important as Ethanol. This special fuel is required to upgrade every single facility and the homebase of Prosperity itself, therefore you’re going to need a lot of it.

How To Get Ethanol Fast In Far Cry New Dawn

As Ethanol is a vital part of the games progression, you’re not just going to be able to maximize every single upgrade in the first hour of play. However, there are a number of methods that make getting Ethanol quickly, very easy. Firstly, look for Supply Drops. These are random drops that always drop very close to the player. You will hear a radio message or voice over informing you that a Supply Drop is close. Simply look to the sky, locate the plane and follow the package to the ground. This is quick and easy as you immediately get the materials inside and don’t need to stray from your current objective.

The faster way is to take down enemy Strongholds. These are small fortifications featuring enemies and alarms. You need to take out all enemies to liberate the camp. If you do so without setting off an alarm of being detected, you get a big bonus in Ethanol. Once you have taken a Stronghold, you can choose to Scavenge the Stronghold. This offers you even more Ethanol and allows you to attack the Stronghold again, this time with harder enemies and more alarms.

If you purchase perks to Advanced Takedowns, Expert Takedowns and Master Takedowns, you can easily complete difficulty level 1, 2 and 3 of each Stronghold, respectively. Using this method to defeat the first 4-5 level 2 Strongholds easily nets you a few thousand Ethanol, which is enough to purchase the first couple of levels for all facilities in Prosperity.

Do you have any other tips for How To Get Ethanol Fast In Far Cry New Dawn? Post a comment below.

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