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How To Get Experience Points Fast In Dead By Daylight: Easy Levels For Killers & Survivors

How To Get Experience Points Fast In Dead By Daylight: Easy Levels For Killers & Survivors
Earning experience points unlocks a huge variety of different items, perks, add-ons and other customization options in Dead By Daylight. This How To Get Experience Points Fast In Dead By Daylight guide will show you the fastest way to level and earn experience points so you can level up fast with both Survivors and Killers.

How To Level Fast In Dead By Daylight

One of the more unique elements of the leveling and progression system within Dead By Daylight is that both Survivors and Killers share the same experience pool, although each have different items, add-ons and perks that they can unlock. This means that any experience points earned as a Killer can be spent on Survivors and vice versa.

This is great unless you’re a fan of slaughtering the Survivors as the Killers generally earn far less experience points. A good Killer round where you take down all 4 Survivors via hooks can get you 10-13k experience points, whereas a decent Survivor round can easily earn you 15-20k experience points. Below is a list of actions Survivors can do that earn experience points, pay close attention to those with higher rewards as it can be easier to let someone else open the final gate but that’s 2k experience points less for you.

  • Escape – 5000xp
  • Hatch Escape – 2000xp
  • Opening Gate – 1500xp
  • Hook Rescue – 1500xp
  • Repairing Generator – 1000xp
  • Blinding Killer – 750xp
  • Healing Ally – 300xp
  • Healing Self – 300xp
  • Chest Search – 250xp
  • Reunited – 150xp (per person)
  • Skill Checks – 50-150xp

It is possible to get similar levels of experience points with the Killers but this requires playing poorly. For example, allowing Survivors to rescue their allies from hooks and then stringing them up again.

It is also worth noting that a numbers of items increase experience points in specific categories so be sure to use these to your advantage. Have any other tips for How To Get Experience Points Fast In Dead By Daylight? Leave a comment below.

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