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How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim

How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim
After Core Wood, the next wood tier is Fine Wood, but it can be tough to find. This guide on How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim will tell you where you can get Fine Wood and how you can harvest it as although a special tool is required you can, with a bit of luck, harvest Fine Wood without any tools at all.

Valheim is a procedurally generated game. This means that each time a world is created, it is created randomly within a set of defined parameters. As such, we cannot simply show you map but we can provide all the information you need to hunt down Fine Wood.

How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim

How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim
Firstly, make sure you’re in the Meadows. This is the first biome when you start the game. You can see the name of the biome at the top corner of your minimap. In the Meadow biome you are looking for these white trees, Birch trees. They are easy to spot, as they are white, and they are plentiful inside the Meadow biome. Now, if you’re just starting out, you’re going to have to wait a while to harvest it.

Fine Wood requires a Bronze Axe. Getting Bronze Tools is a lengthy process so we won’t go into full details here. If you want some help on tools, check out our guide on how to get better tools in Valheim. If you’re feeling lucky, you can harvest Birch trees without tools. You can knock down other nearby trees and push the logs into the Birch trees and logs to break them up. It’s a slow and tiresome process, but it does work if you really just need a few or want to unlock all of the recipes.

  • Head to the Meadow Biome
  • Search for white looking trees called Birch
  • Use a Bronze Hatchet or a log felling trick
  • A small amount of Fine Wood will drop once the tree is destroyed
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