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How To Get Flint In Valheim

How To Get Flint In Valheim
Finding out where to get flint is vital to your progression in Valheim. This guide on How To Get Flint In Valheim will tell you the basic tricks to learn so that you’re able to track down some Flint relatively quickly, unlocking new and exciting recipes to use on your Workbench.

Flint is used in various recipes. It’s very important to find early in the game because it’s one of the vital ingredients used to upgrade your Workbench – which unlocks more recipes and allows you to repair items of much higher value and rarity. Once you’ve found Flint, you’ll quickly learn what it looks like and where you can find more. It can be difficult to find at first but once you know where to look, it’s a piece of cake.

Where To Get Flint In Valheim

How To Get Flint In Valheim
Firstly, it’s worth saying that Valheim is procedurally generated. This means that each world is unique. It’s impossible to tell you exactly where to find an item as your world is different to ours. However, each item, each spawn, each area still follows certain rules, and it’s those rules you must learn to find the correct resources quickly.

Flint is a small, shiny, white-like rock. You can find it most commonly on the edge of water. On the beach near the sea, near the lakes, on the sides of rivers, it’s always a few feet away from the water. You can also find it in shallow waters, just a few feet from the shore, as above.

  • Flint is a small, white, shining stone on the floor
  • These are most commonly found at the waters edge
  • Check near rivers, lakes, and streams
  • You can also find them in deeper waters, just off the shore
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