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How To Get Fog In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Fog is one of the many weather types in Sword & Shield. In this guide we explain How To Get Fog In Pokemon Sword & Shield as the many different weather symbols can make things confusing, and fog hides some of the wild areas most impressive and exciting Pokemon.

Weather plays a huge role in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Abilities have different effects depending on the weather, certain Pokemon only spawn during certain times with certain weather conditions, it’s an important part of the game to understand. Now, while you can change the weather yourself, many players struggled to ever find foggy conditions.

How To Get Fog In Pokemon Sword & Shield

While fog has reportedly been found during early adventures in Pokemon Sword & Shield, it’s incredibly rare. However, it does become more common with late game progress. Certain weather conditions are tied behind progress, such as sandstorms. Fog is one such weather system.

Fog is nearly impossible to find until you have completed the entire game. That means all of the gym badges, and you have defeated Lee and become the Champion of the region. After the credits have rolled, that’s when you will begin to find fog more commonly. However, it’s still rare so some patience may be required.

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