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How To Get Free Energy In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

How To Get Free Energy In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
It doesn’t take long before you run out of energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. This guide will tell you How To Get Free Energy In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, locating a number of hidden interactive objects that reward you with energy once discovered.

Currently Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is hugely dependent on energy. A resource that returns over time that is used for pretty much every action you can complete. Unfortunately the developers don’t provide any serious energy buffs or rewards in the early levels so you’re often left waiting 20-30 minutes before you can complete the next activity.

This How To Get Free Energy In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery guide will not solve those problems. You are only rewarded with a very little number of energy but it adds up. If you’re playing and waiting for energy to return, you can do this to pass the time and hopefully get a little more energy in return.

Most of the areas have a hidden object that you can interact with that rewards you energy. Below is a list of these locations and the object you need to interact with to get the free energy.

East Towers – On the wall at the start of East Towers is a blank frame on the wall. Press the frame and a lady in a wedding gown appears. This rewards you with energy.
Castle Grounds – Head to the Castle Grounds and scroll to the right. You will see a large stick on the floor. Pressing the stick rewards energy and a dog runs away with it.
Lower Floor West – In Lower Floor West next to the entrance to the Great Hall are 3 sets of armor. Press the middle one for energy
Lower Floor West – Directly next to the Great Hall entrance is a standing torch. Press the torch to light it and get some energy
West Towers – Next to the Prefects Bathroom is a painting of some flowers. Press that for free energy.
Lower Floor East – There are some books by one of the benches.
Dungeon – You will find Dobby sneaking around in the Dungeon.

And that’s How To Get Free Energy In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. These methods work multiple times but are on a cooldown. It appears to take between 4 and 6 hours before you can interact with them again for free energy.

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