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How To Get Fusion Cores In Fallout 76

How To Get Fusion Cores In Fallout 76
Fusion Cores provide power to your Power Armor. This guide will tell you How To Get Fusion Cores In Fallout 76 with a relatively simple technique that involves taking control of a Workshop at the Poseidon Energy Plant Yard.

If you highlight the Poseidon Energy Plant Yard, which is South of Route 59, you will see a list of items it can provide. One of these items are Fusion Cores. In order to obtain these you must first take control of the Workshop. Once it becomes yours, you can use the facilities to make a regular supply of Fusion Cores, but be careful as other players can attack your Workshop and take it from you.

How To Get Fusion Cores In Fallout 76

Fusion Core Generator
Once you have taken control of the Workshop at Poseidon Energy Plant Yard, you need to power the Fusion Core Generator. It’s a large machine not far from the Workshop bench at the plant, as shown above. This is the part that’s a little more difficult.

To power the Fusion Core Generator, you need to provide it with 100 units of power. Attaching the nearby Poseidon Energy Plant Yard generator right next to it can provide you with 10, but you need to provide the rest yourself. You will need to build Power Generators and then attach them to the Fusion Core Generator so it has enough power to function.

If you need further help, check out our guide on powering the Fusion Core Processor at Poseidon Energy Plant Yard.

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