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How To Get Great Balls In Pokemon Go

How To Get Great Balls In Pokemon Go
Great Balls in Pokemon Go will help you capture the higher CP Pokemon easier. Great Balls can’t actually be bought in the store and you have to go earn them. Check out this guide to figure out How To Get Great Balls In Pokemon Go!

How To Get Great Balls In Pokemon Go

Great Balls are shouldn’t just be tossed out whenever you get them, they are much rarer then Poke Balls and should only be saved for orange or red captures until later in the game.

Much like battling for Gyms in Pokemon Go, getting Great Balls is level based. When you finally reach level 12 you will be rewarded with 20 Great Balls that you can use. I also got 15 when I hit level 13, I’m not sure if you get them per level now or not because I am still level 13. When you unlock your first set of Great Balls you can also start getting them from Poke Stops if you are lucky. While the Poke Balls are guaranteed, the Great Balls are random. Sometimes I get 3+ at them and other times I end up with none and 3 normal Poke Balls. Sadly it is all RNG based, which means it is random so be sure to save them until you find a really tough Pokemon. Now sometimes the levels glitch out and you don’t get rewards but the level 12 Great Ball rewards should be guaranteed.

If I find a way to get Great Balls quicker I will be sure to update. Also if you know a quick way to get them outside of camping a bunch of Poke Stops please leave a comment.

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