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How To Get Hordin Fragments In Raid: Shadow Legends

How To Get Hordin Fragments In Raid Shadow Legends
The latest update for Raid introduces a new mechanic, where to find Fragments. This guide on How To Get Hordin Fragments In Raid: Shadow Legends breaks down the Fragment aspect of the new update as currently Hordin is available at the Summoning Portal, but Fragments have yet to be released.

The new update to Raid: Shadow Legends, version 2.10.0, introduces an exciting selection of new features and content. Players can now earn Gold Bars for Tag Arena and spend these at the Bazaar for special and unique items. New Daily Login Rewards have also been introduced as well as brand new Champion Fragments, special items you can obtain to unlock Champions at the Summoning Portal.

Where To Find Hordin Fragments In Raid: Shadow Legends

How To Get Hordin Fragments
Raid: Shadow Legends has a lot of timed events, competitions, tournaments, so it’s natural that a lot of people are asking in chat, where to find Hordin Fragments? After all, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to get a free Champion. If you check out the news section for the latest update, you will find more information there.

It informs you that Champion Fragments are specific to each Champion. So for example, you will need Hordin Fragments to summon Hordin, and Foli Fragment to summon Foli – although currently only Hordin is in the game. When you select Hordin at the Summoning Portal and click the “i” icon, it tells you that currently there are no ways to find Hordin Fragments.

Read further into the news announcement and it states that Champion Fragments can be found from Events and Tournaments, exclusively. As such, you currently cannot find Hordin fragments in the game. There is a brand new event due to start tomorrow, which may well introduce Hordin fragments into the game. In short, don’t panic, you’re not missing out just yet. Pay close attention to the events and tournaments and you will be told where to find the Hordin Fragments.

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