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How To Get Influence In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

How To Get Influence In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord
It’s a rare and valuable resource but a lot of people are curious, How To Get Influence In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord? Influence is a resource like any other, but it’s rare and valuable because it is tied away behind progression through the games main story campaign.

Before you are able to farm Influence, you must first have your own Kingdom. This is a long process. It’s the main story campaign. After you find the Nobles, after you reunite the lost pieces of the Dragon Banner. Once you have completed the bulk of the main campaigns story missions, you can form your own Kingdom. This is where the Influence resource comes into play.

How To Get Influence In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

Once you have finally formed your own Kingdom, Influence becomes a resource you obtain for many activities. Slaying large groups of bandits or looters, certain quests reward Influence, there’s a multitude of activities that will reward you with influence later in the game, however, there is also a big risk here. The Influence value can plummet into the negative numbers. Once you have unlocked the ability to get influence, it’s a good idea to save the game.

Before doing any serious actions that may have consequences, save the game. I wiped out some looters for half an hour or so, got about 50 Influence. Was saving up to add a new policy to my castle but then I wanted to try and speed it up. I went to war by attacking a nearby village. The result, my influence fell to -200. That’s a lot of looter slaying to come back from that.

Influence works in a similar way to Renown. You earn more depending on the battle. This is on a per unit basis. If you fight a huge enemy army of 400-500 troops with several generals, you can get huge bonuses to Influence, whereas fighting small groups of <100 will award very little Influence.

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