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How To Get Into Blocked Door At Start Of Elden Ring

Right at the start of Elden Ring there is a blocked door. This guide on How To Get Into Blocked Door At Start Of Elden Ring tells you all of the different methods we’ve tried of opening the Blocked Door because, at least so far, there doesn’t appear to be a way to get inside.

Yes, unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to get into the Blocked Door but I wanted to put this guide up as soon as possible to save people wasting the same time I did trying to get inside. It’s possible you can return later in the story to gain access and if that’s true, we’ll update the post with the most relevant information to help you get inside.

UPDATE: Check out the video for how to get inside

How To Get Into Blocked Door At Start Of Elden Ring

So what have we tried? Well, the blocked door is found immediately to your left as you leave the first room, where you start Elden Ring. We’ve explored everything within those walls. Tried destroying bookshelves and setting alight furniture, there’s no entrance from the starting room to the area behind the Blocked Door.

We’ve also looked for secret entrances around the structure. We’ve used every class ability on each wall that could lead behind the Blocked Door and even wasted time doing every emote at each wall because, well, just in case I guess?

If we find a way to open the Blocked Door at the start of Elden Ring, we’ll update this post.

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