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How To Get Iron In Valheim

How To Get Iron In Valheim
Iron is an expensive resource and one you want to learn where to find. This guide on How To Get Iron In Valheim will tell you everything you need to know to locate, track down, and harvest some iron ore for your own personal adventure in Valheim.

It’s worth noting that Valheim’s procedural generation means that every world is unique. Each time you start a server, a seed is created. This seed is distinct and unique to that particular world. As such, it’s impossible to give you the exact location of items. We can’t simply show you a map. However, within these random worlds, rules still exist. Certain biomes feature certain resources. Once you have that learned, you won’t have trouble finding most items after the first encounter.

How To Get Iron In Valheim

Iron is a mid tier resource in the game. To find it, you must defeat the second boss. There are multiple Biomes in Valheim. Check your minimap in the top right corner, you will see the name if the Biome there. You start in the Meadows, then head to the Black Forest, and after that, you are sent to the Swamps. After you defeat the second boss, you obtain a key. These keys can be used to unlock special dungeons in the Swamp region.

Search the swamp region until you find a dungeon. They are well lit, surrounded by green torches that give off a green tinted fire, very easy to spot, even from a distance. Head inside and you will find small scrap heaps that will give you iron ore.

  • You need to have a pickaxe
  • Once you have a pickaxe, reach the third Biome, Swamp
  • Search for dungeons in the swamps
  • You will find Iron inside these dungeons
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