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How To Get Killstreaks In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone

How To Get Killstreaks In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone
Killstreaks work differently in Warfare, they are not unlocked the same as MW. This guide on How To Get Killstreaks In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone will tell you everything you need to know to find yourself some Killstreaks and drop a well placed Precision Airstrike on some camping foes.

In regular Modern Warfare, Killstreaks are rewards for a good performance. More specifically, stringing together a series of kills without dying. They are also a reward mechanic in Warfare but they are not equipped prior to the match. The Killstreaks you have equipped on your loadouts have zero effect whatsoever in Warfare or Plunder modes.

How To Get Killstreaks In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone

Instead, Killstreaks are awarded in one of three ways. Firstly, you can find a Buy Station (marked by a trolley icon on the map) and purchase from a pre-determined list of buffs, bonuses, and Killstreaks. They aren’t cheap, so you will need to make lots of money killing other players and completing contracts. Once you have the cash, simply visit a Buy Station and purchase your choice of Killstreaks. You can only carry a single Killstreak at any one time. However, if you have excess cash, you can drop the cash for a team mate to also pick up a Killstreak.

The other two methods of finding Killstreaks are random. Every Cache you find, the shining boxes that play the audio effect when you are close by, has a very small chance of dropping a random Killstreak (from the same list as the Buy Stations). It’s not a high chance, perhaps 5%, so maybe 1 in 20 boxes will drop you a loot item containing a Killstreak. This is not an exact figure, just a guess from personal experience.

Some of the Cache boxes also glow a yellow, gold-like color, for Contract Objectives. These are rarer caches that have much better loot. Killstreaks in this boxes are nearly guaranteed on the final Cache. That’s How To Get Killstreaks In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone.

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