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How To Get Leather In V Rising

Leather is a very valuable resource but how do you craft Leather? This guide on How To Get Leather In V Rising will explain the process of unlocking the Tannery so that you’re able to turn your Animal Hide into far more useful material, Leather. It’s quite a unique system as unlike many of the other elements of upgrading resources and buildings, you need to complete a very specific activity in order to do this.

You need to explore the V Blood Carriers system in order to progress enough to unlock the Tannery so that you’re able to craft Leather. Follow the main story objectives until you are able to construct a Blood Altar. This Blood Altar allows you to track the locations of V Blood Carriers. V Blood Carriers are unique, strong enemies that are challenging to take down but unlock new and powerful abilities, and even additional crafting options if you can kill them.

How To Get Leather In V Rising

You need to follow the story and keep upgrading your gear until you are at least level 17+. You can then use the Blood Altar and the V Blood System to track a particular character called Keely the Frost Archer. Track her down using the Blood Altar and then, once you discover her location, kill her. Once she is killed you unlock the Tannery.

You can now return to your base, construct a Tannery, and then use the Tannery to turn your Animal Hides into Leather.

As the objectives continue you need Cotton Yarn to make the Eye of Twilight. This guide on Where To Get Cotton Yarn In V Rising will tell you everything you need to know on where to find the Cotton you need to make the Cotton Yarn, as well as information on how you unlock the appropriate crafting recipes and stations.
Upgrading your tools from copper is a drawn-out process in V Rising. This guide on How To Upgrade From Copper To Iron Tools In V Rising will explain how you go about the process of building up your tools so that you can reach the next level of items and continue to progress with the objectives and main story missions.
You may have already found Iron but your attack may be too low. This guide on What Level Or Tool Do You Need To Harvest Iron In V Rising will tell you exactly what you need to harvest iron ore because if you check around, there's a lot of incorrect information that states you need the wrong tools.
Early in the game you need Unsullied Hearts to make Greater Blood Essence to progress with the missions. This guide on Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising gives you a quick and easy route you can follow to farm a specific animal so that you can get as many Unsullied Hearts as you need in order to progress further into the story and unlock more recipes and blueprints.

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