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How To Get Living Ships In No Man’s Sky

How To Get Living Ships In No Man's Sky
NMS’s latest update introduces Void Eggs and Living Ships. This guide explains How To Get Living Ships In No Man’s Sky as Sean Murray and the team are trying a different creative direction with this update, locking the content behind regular grinding and potential group quests.

The hardest aspect to getting your own Living Ship in No Man’s Sky is finding Quicksilver. Quicksilver is a unique currency in NMS and is only available in a single location. Aboard the Space Anomaly when speaking with The Nexus, you can get a quest that sends you out to complete objectives in exchange for rewards, one of which is Quicksilver. You need 3,200 Quicksilver for a Void Egg, but you can only do a single Quicksilver mission per day.

There are other times when the quests become more frequent, during special events, and weekend events offer more Quicksilver but at the moment, if you are starting with 0 Quicksilver, you will not be able to get a Living Ship for quite some time.

How To Get Living Ships In NMS

How To Get Living Ships In NMS
Keep completing the daily missions for The Nexus until you have 3,200 Quicksilver. Then you can speak with the Quicksilver vendor, who stands directly next to The Nexus aboard the Space Anomaly. You can purchase a Void Egg (Living Curiosity) for 3,200 Quicksilver. Buy the Egg, this is your first step towards your Living Ship.

Once you have the egg, you will be given a mission to track down some materials. Once you complete the mission you will need to wait some time for it to hatch. The exact time is currently unknown as it appears to be different for each player, but on average players are reporting 20-28 hours.

  • Obtain 3,200 Quicksilver
  • Purchase Void Egg from Quicksilver Vendor
  • Complete Void Egg Mission
  • Wait for Egg to hatch

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