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How To Get Lots Of Medals Fast In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

How To Get Lots Of Medals Fast In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
Medals are the best way to earn Munny and upgrade other Medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. This How To Get Lots Of Medals Fast In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will show you some ways of getting Medals quickly so you can get lots of Munny or upgrade your other Medals.

There isn’t a core method to abusing the mechanics and having 100s of Medals instantly but there are methods that are certainly quicker than just progressing through the game naturally. At the moment there is an AP event that halves the AP costs for all missions, this is the perfect time to farm for Medals on some of the quests in the game.

For example Quest Number 8, Unexpected Visitors, with the first Large Body Heartless is a great way to get Medals early in the game. There are 3 chests in this Quest, each can contain a Silver or Gold reward, the Large Body has a 100% droprate for another. You easily get 1-2 Medals everytime you complete the Quest, but you can also get 4-5 Medals per run. You can then sell or fuse these Medals.

This is the best method throughout the game, although you will also want to do the special and event missions. When you progress through the normal story pay attention to each Quest. If you find Quests that feature 3-4+ chests and a target Heartless with another drop chance, try farming them a few times. It’s the quickest way to get medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

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