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How To Get Max Guest Approval Satisfaction In Dondoko Island Infinite Wealth

Having the happiest guests makes the most money. This guide on How To Get Max Guest Approval Satisfaction In Dondoko Island Infinite Wealth goes over several basic tips and tricks you can follow to ensure all of your guests leaving happy, earn the most money, and gain the most guest loyalty.

There are three stages of guests happiness that you can view on the guest screen. The blue sad face is the lowest ranking, Dissatisfied. All guests, regardless of level or guest patronage, start at this level. It will build over time depending on various other factors. The next stage up is a yellow face and then the highest happiness value is shown by a purple smiling face.

How To Get Max Guest Approval Satisfaction – Dondoko Island Infinite Wealth

There are several ways to get guest happiness to the highest level. The best method is to simply build smart. When you place your lodgings, make sure they are connected to a road. Your guests will then explore the nearby area every day. They do not wander to other areas so make sure you build other items close.

As close to the lodging as you can, you want to place blueprints that increase Satisfaction. These buildings have the “Satisfaction Up” trait when looking on the workbench. Each time a guest interacts with these items, their approval rating goes up. If you have enough placed near the lodgings, they should go up a single level of approval per day.

If you don’t have enough blueprints to build and your guests are not fully happy there are two things you can do. If you have unlocked the Campfire ability, 3 Star Resort, you can do that on the last day for a big happiness boost. Alternatively, you can greet your guests every day by waving and giving them gifts.

However, the Campfire and careful placing of Satisfaction Up buildings should be enough for maximum happy guests every time.

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