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How To Get More Credits In Marvel Snap

Credits are vital for your progression in Marvel Snap. This guide on How To Get More Credits In Marvel Snap tells you the different methods of currently obtaining Credits, as you are constantly spending them as you progress through the game. Initially, when you first start, you won’t have many problems upgrading cards.

The first level upgrades, to Rare, are quite cheap and you get the card fragments quite quickly. However, as you continue to improve your deck, unlock new cards, and upgrade new cards, you will often find that you are running low on credits. You do get more experience points for upgrading higher rarity cards but this also takes a lot longer. So, for newer players especially, it’s a good idea to upgrade as many of your lower level cards as possible.

How To Get More Credits In Marvel Snap

So what’s the best way to farm credits? Well, so far at least, there isn’t a specific activity or game mode that focuses on earning credits. Usually, in similar games, as time goes on, new mechanics are unlocked to allow for farming of the different currencies quicker. So while there’s no easy way to make tons of credits fast, you can keep on top of it by doing certain things.

Firstly, every single day, check the store. Open the “Shop” menu in-game and then scroll down to where you can buy Credits. The first option, for 50 Credits, actually costs 0 Gold. So it’s completely free. You can do this once a day. It may not seem a lot but over time, it really adds up. Next up, the Season Pass. This has a number of Credit Rewards so you will unlock these naturally.

The single best method to earn Credits is doing daily missions. You can find these in the Daily Missions menu. Unlike other games, they are not simply missions that refresh in 24 hours. They You will get a couple of missions every 6-8 hours, so you will need to continue to login throughout the day to maximize how many credits you can earn. Make sure you also complete the Season Pass missions.

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