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How To Get More Forzathon Points In Forza Horizon 5

Forzathon points are used to get various items and cars in the Forzathon store. Check out this guide How To Get More Forzathon Points In Forza Horizon 5. This way you can get more wheel spins, cars, and super wheel spins easier.

How To Get More Forzathon Points In Forza Horizon 5

In order to see your Forzathon points, you have to go to the menu and enter the Festival Playlist. This will bring to the current season and your progress in that season. Forzathon points and season progress are TWO different things, but more on that in a second. If you go the the right with your stick you will find the challenges for your current season.

You can see both daily and weekly challenges here. The bottom right of the pictures you can see a tiny FP symbol. That is how much Forzathon points you will be getting for completing that objective. For instance I have one right now that wants me to do 3 clean race skills in a Road Race. If I do a road race, get 3 clean racing boosts, I beat the challenge. Simple enough right?

The weekly is a bit more challenging. These will require a certain car most times and then you need to do various challenges with that car. You are awarded a large chunk of Forzathon points at the end if you complete it though. These have a longer timer, but should be focused on because of the massive point amount you get from completing the challenges.

It is important to note the bottom left is just points towards your season goal. Super simple, get enough points to fill the meter at the start of the season and you get a couple of free cars. Just because something gives season points does NOT mean it gives Forzathon points, be sure to check.

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