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How To Get More Gratitude In Dragon Quest Builders 2

How To Get More Gratitude In Dragon Quest Builders 2
Gratitude is an important resource, especially on the Isle of Awakening. This guide explains How To Get More Gratitude In Dragon Quest Builders 2 as using a combination of buildings and features for your towns and villages goes a long way to farming Gratitude quickly.

There are two different primary aspects of Gratitude that you must consider. There is the Isle of Awakening Gratitude, then the other islands. If you spend countless hours farming Gratitude on Furrowfield, it will not carry over to other islands or the Isle of Awakening. It’s a good idea, when on the story islands, to just get the Gratitude you require to level up your village. The Isle of Awakening is where you want to invest your time if you’re farming Gratitude.

How To Get More Gratitude In Dragon Quest Builders 2

There are several main tasks that reward Gratitude from your citizens. Completing quests, completing Tablet Objectives and building rooms. Quests and objectives are self explanatory, but the real method of getting lots of Gratitude quickly, comes with building.

There are tons of different room recipes. Whenever a new room is constructed for the first time, you receive a wave of Gratitude from your citizens. When a room is upgraded to a higher level of Fanciness, you are again awarded with more Gratitude. If you assign a room to a citizen, more Gratitude comes in.

On the Isle of Awakening you can spend Gratitude to unlock more recipes. So get to building. It’s a good idea to build one of each room type that you’ve discovered. Especially focus on special sets as these increase Gratitude also. Build each of your civilians a bedroom. Spice it up a Fancy level, assign it to them.

It’s a good idea to built other resource generating buildings such as the Mushroom Cookpot, Toilet etc. Combining all of those is the best way to get Gratitude fast.

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