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How To Get More Hearts On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth

The combat on Dondoko Island is real-time and slightly different from the main game. This guide on How To Get More Hearts On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth tells you how you can increase your health while on Dondoko Island so you can deal with the attacks and combat-based story elements easier.

It’s worth noting that this is not a requirement. You can complete the entirety of the Dondoko Island storyline and objectives with just the basic hearts you start with. The enemies, while they grow in defensive abilities as you progress, they do the same damage throughout. You won’t take more than a single heart of damage in an attack. If you can deal with that, you can skip upgrading your hearts, otherwise continue below.

How To Get More Hearts On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth

The amount of hearts available to you on Dondoko Island is directly tied to Kasuga’s house level. Whenever you construct Blueprints, assuming they are small enough, instead of placing them on the island you can place them in Kasuga’s house. When you place enough of these items to increase the level high enough, you will unlock more hearts and be given the opportunity to expand your house by adding another floor.

This lets you add more items, if needed, in order to reach the maximum 10 hearts.

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