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How To Get More REACT Tech Tokens In Rainbow Six Extraction

Increasing your Tech Level unlocks a lot of powerful upgrades in the new Tom Clancy game. This guide on How To Get More REACT Tech Tokens In Rainbow Six Extraction explains how to get more Tech Tokens and how you can advance your tech level to unlock more upgrades later in the game.

There are different progression paths in Rainbow Six Extraction. You have an overall level and an Operator level, and also a Tech level. Your Operator Levels give Experience Points to your overall level and your overall level influences your tech. As you progress through the game you will level up your overall level, called Development Milestones, which in turn will unlock the higher tiers of the tech tree. You then need to spend REACT Tech Tokens to unlock the tech.

How To Get More REACT Tech Tokens In Rainbow Six Extraction

How To Get More REACT Tech Tokens
To get more REACT Tokens, these are the tokens spent to unlock new technologies, you simply need to increase your Development Milestone level. This is done by completing Studies and by increasing the level of your Operators. As you increase in level you will unlock various items and rewards.

Check the Progression tab on the main menu. This will show your current level, total game completion, current rewards, total Studies experience points and total Operator points. Check the very bottom and you will see each level you can reach and the associated rewards.

Scan through the different levels and you will see REACT Tokens as a reward. These are the tokens you need. For example, you get REACT Tokens for tech at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 etc. You can always check this scale for the next REACT Token reward.

  • To unlock new technology items you need to unlock REACT Tokens
  • To upgrade the technology tree to increase the tech available, you need to increase your overall level
  • REACT Tokens are given when you increase your overall level
  • Check the Progression screen on the main menu for the next level that unlocks REACT Tokens
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