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How To Get More Storage In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can unlock a chest recipe very early in the game so you can craft more storage. This guide on How To Get More Storage In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you where you can unlock the storage chest recipe so you can immediately begin storing more items and not have to make so many trips back to the house.

Storage is something you will struggle with just hours after starting the game. Your character’s inventory size is very limited and the chest inside your house doesn’t offer much additional space either. Thankfully, however, there is a location you can reach very early that will teach you a recipe that you can use to make Storage chests. You can then make as many of these as you wish and place them wherever you like.

How To Get More Storage In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to the Meadow, this is where Goofy hangs out and where you can find his stall. Near the stall there’s a house. At the side of the house there is a workbench. You can interact with this workbench to craft bits of furniture outside. This is also where you unlock the storage recipe.

Simply approach the bench and select the Storage option. This will let you craft a chest that you can then use to store more items.

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