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How To Get More Storage Space At Your Homestead In Undawn

Being both a survival and a mobile game, Undawn has a LOT of items. In this guide on How To Get More Storage Space At Your Homestead In Undawn we’ll tell you how to quickly and easily massively upgrade your storage space so you can store dozens of items with minimal time and materials required.

Early in the Homestead tutorial, you will build Simple Pine Cabinets. These are okay for storage as they can store up to 14 items. However, they do take up space and they do require materials to make. As such, we don’t recommend building too many of these as you will quickly be able to upgrade and replace them with much better storage.

How To Get More Storage Space At Your Homestead In Undawn

To get better storage, all you need to do is increase your Homestead level to Rank 3. Once you reach Rank 3 you will unlock a variety of new recipes that you can use to build stuff around your Homestead, one such recipe is the Simple Cabinet. This monstrosity of a wooden cabinet is able to store up to 20 items a time, making it a much better investment than the Pine Cabinets.

They are also incredibly easy to make. Every item can be purchased from the Market for minimal silver, so you can quickly and easily expand your storage for cheap.

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