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How To Get More Storage Space In No Man’s Sky Next

How To Get More Storage Space In No Man's Sky Next
Inventory space quickly becomes a problem in No Man’s Sky Next, but there are ways to get much more. This guide will tell you How To Get More Storage Space In No Man’s Sky Next so you can get a ton more storage space for very little units, allowing for the hording of more materials and blueprints.

There are basics of increasing inventory space. You can purchase upgrades for your suit at any Space Station, you can also find upgrades on the surface of planets. Then of course you can buy a bigger ship or purchase a bigger Freighter, but if you combine these, that’s when you get a ton of inventory space.

How To Get More Storage Space In No Man’s Sky Next

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Firstly, you need a Freighter. If you haven’t already got one, check out our guide to get a free Freighter. Once your Freighter is up and running, you’ll need a lot of units. You can easily make millions of units in No Man’s Sky using the Galactic Commission Terminal missions on your Freighter. Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to go shopping.

Head to any Space Station or Trading Post and simply wait for ships to arrive. You want to focus on purchasing Hauler class ships with as much inventory space as possible. I picked up a couple of 30 slot ships for roughly the 20 million units mark, which is not difficult to obtain.

When you Warp to a new sector with your Freighter it will add all of your ships to the interior. From here you can simply jump in and out of your ships to access their inventory. Personally, I used one ship as a maintenance vessel, strictly holding all the items required to repair my Freighters when they get damaged from missions. Another was used to store my expensive items so I could sell them all at once and a third was just for storing large stacks of regular materials.

Combining a few cheap but large storage haulers with base storage, Exosuit storage and Freighter storage offers hundreds of inventory slots to store anything you need. That’s How To Get More Storage Space In No Man’s Sky Next.

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