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How To Get More Villagers In Manor Lords

Families Are The Backbone Of Your Empire In Manor Lords

Villagers are one of the most important resources to manage, as not only do they represent your work force, they also double up as trained militia to fight off bandits or invading forces.

In this guide for Manor Lords we break down every aspect of managing Families, from recruiting new Villagers, to making sure you have the appropriate resources to support them.

Villagers & Families Explained

An image showing what a village in Manor Lords looks like, once they have recruited a lot of families using this guide

When you are on the overview screen, pay close attention to the “Family” count in the top left-hand corner, shown on the image below.

An image showing the family details on the user-interface for Manor Lords, showing the player how to manage their villager count

The first icon, marked by the hammer, represents how many current Families you have that are Unassigned. These Families will automatically take up any construction projects you assign, without direction.

The next icon, the hands holding the chisel, represents how many Families you have assigned. These are Families that have been assigned a job and will remain at that job until ordered to do otherwise.

Finally, the house icon, this represents how much available housing is available in your kingdom. In the image above, I have 47 houses available and 4 more in construction. This is just enough to support my 47 total families.

This is important to understand because you will not be able to expand your village and recruit new Families without first having the space to house them.

The Requirements To Unlock New Villagers & Families

An image showing the requirements of building enough housing so players can add more Families and villagers in Manor Lords

Once you have enough infrastructure to support new Families, you will then need to focus on the Approval rate of your settlement. This is shown on the user-interface by either a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down icon.

You need to ensure you have a thumbs-up icon with an approval rate of a minimum of 50%. If your approval rate is below 50%, nothing else matters, you will not attract new families to your town.

How To Increase Approval Rate Quickly

An image showing the approval rating system in Manor Lords so players understand its relation to the Family and villager mechanics of the game

The fastest way to increase your Approval Rate is to ensure your Families are happy. This is achieved by fulfilling their needs, needs that are displayed whenever you select a home with a family inside.

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To break it down into the simplest of terms. Each family needs access to water, a church, fuel, food, and clothing. In regards to the food and clothing, the more variety you have available at your markets, the higher your approval rate.

How To Get More Families In Manor Lords

An image showing the information a player needs to understand how to attract more Families and Villagers in Manor Lords

To summarize, make sure you are gathering at least two different types of food and then ensure you have built a well and have means to provide clothing and fuel. This will steadily increase your Approval Rating.

Over 50% is enough to attract Families over time but the higher your rating, the quicker you will attract new settlers.

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